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Rcom Mini Incubator

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RCOM Mini Incubator Finch Breeding Supplies

Beginning Incubator and inexpensive brooder all in one!

Designed in Korea as an educational incubator the RCOM really works! Three hens eggs are gently warmed and turned automatically as they incubate and the display even counts down each day to tell you when they are due to hatch.

The R COM Mini Incubator is menu driven and extremely easy to use: just choose between one of the 5 settings (chicken, duck, pheasant, quail or mystery bird - to be programmed) and the micro-controller holds the correct temperature, turning and length of incubation. Turning will even stop automatically 2 days prior to hatching; all you need do is top up periodically with water. Detailed, attractive instructions are supplied to guide you through the do's and don'ts.

I have personally raised many handfed finches using this incubator. One of the most important things when trying to save tossed babies is temperature. They must be warm before feeding and kept at a constant temperature of 95 degrees for the first few days. This little helper will increase your probability of success 100 fold. I love them and have one plugged in and ready to roll all the time! This is a must have breedling tool if you want to hand raise finches.

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RCom Mini Incubtors are great for handfeeding and keeping finches. They work as a temperature controlled incubator, brooder or hospital cage. They are inexpensive and easy to use. They control the temperature and humidity with an alarm should either drop. Easy refill for water. Need small egg tray to turn eggs if you want to actually incubate eggs. Adapter is for using in a car cigerette lighter. Great when you have to go and need to take the babies along! Can not return this item if it has been used for sterility reasons.