Nesting Material and/or Salad Rack

Nesting Material or Salad Holder - Canary and Finch Supplies - Cage Accessories
These are familiar in most aviaries and have a multitude of uses.

A hayrack to hang dried greens or salad leaves.

Also work great to hold nesting material both inside of right outside of the cage where the birds can easily grab some nesting material.

Nest building is a healthy exercise for your cage birds and this keeps the nesting material clean and off the floor:)

Plastic and comes in Green, Yellow or White. Approximately 3"x3"


Nesting Holder/Salad Rack.Product Info-Salad Rack Nesting and/or Salad Holder
Nesting Holder or Salad Rack, plastic and approximately 3"x3". Keep nesting material clean and up off the floor. Can also be hung on the front of the cage and the bird simply reaches thru the bars for the material, great for canaries and finches.