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Moxidectin Worming Medication for Caged Birds

Worming Medication for Caged Birds and Pigeons

Moxidectin is a clear fully water soluble, palatable syrup, added to the drinking water for 24 hours. It clears roundworm and hairworm infection. It is also effective against all external parasites that feed off body fluids, including mites and pigeon flies. Moxidectin also eliminates air sac mites. It has a wide safety margin and is safe to use during racing and breeding. It does not effect feather quality and is safe to use during moulting too. Moxidectin does not cause nausea and so the birds can be fed normally during treatment.

Dosage Treatment:
Flock Treatment:

  • Dillute at the rate of 10 mls to 1 liter of drinking water and make available to the birds for 24 hours
  • The solution should be made fresh prior to use and provided in a clean drinking vessel
  • Remove all other sources of water

    Active Constituent: Moxidectin 1 mg/ml


    Moxidectin Worming Medication for caged birds.Moxidectin Worming Medication for caged birds Moxidectin
    Moxidectin water soluble syrup for cage bird worming. Safe to use during breeding kills external parasites too. Eliminates Airsac Mites, Clears roundworm and hairworm infections. One gallon use where you dump contents in a gallon of water and larger 250ml bottle for large flocks 40ml p/gallon for treatment in drinking water. Stays in the bird longer then Ivermectin so better for treating. Made by Bayer, repackaged here, . 1mg moxidectin p/ml New stock expires 12/2023. Can not ship to California.