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Medicox Medication for Birds

Antibiotic for Birds - treats coccidiosis - Baby safe

Highly effective, safe Sulphonamide specifically for the treatments of pigeons and cage birds

  • Less likely to have any side effects in avians than other Sulphonamides.
  • Easy to dose, well accepted, water-soluble powder.
  • Prime grade Sulfadimethoxine used in formulation.
  • Combines exeptionally well with Mediprim to treat Coccidiosis, Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) and E.coli.
  • Composition: Each 100g contains 25g Sulfadimethoxine sodium anhydrous

    Dosage Treatment: As a treatment, mix one heaped measure per 2 liters of water for 3-5 days

  • Mix fresh solution daily
  • If treatment is not effective seek veterinary advice.
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    Medicox by MedPet for coccidiosis in cage birdsMedicox by MedPet for coccidiosis Medicox
    Medicox for the treatment of coccidiosis in cage birds. Less likely to have side effects then other sulphomamides. Approximately 10 gallons of medicated solution. Sorry big price increase...