Magnetic Card Holder

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Magnetic Card Holder Finch and Canary Breeding Supplies

For tracking breeding or medication information on bird cage

Just put it on your cage!

Perfect for noting medications, when babies hatched, or any other little notes that you might find useful.

  • 4" wide and all magnet:)
  • Comes with one insertable card
  • Comes with clear plastic to cover card
  • One of my favorite Aviary Supplies!
  • Turn them sideways when babies hatch or need special attention
  • Limitless uses, use colors, direction hung etc.

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    Magnetic information card for bird cage.Product Info Magnetic Card Holder
    4" wide x 2" tall - Easy to keep notes on medication, babies hatching, eggs layed etc. Just put it on your cage! Hey my canaries keep pulling out the cards!