Gouldian Finch Mutation Poster

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Lady Gouldian Finch Poster 70x100cm Lady gouldian finch supplies

Poster of Over 100 Gouldian mutations!

  • 70x100cm (27.56 x 39.37 inches)
  • Heavy Paper
  • Must have for gouldian breeders:)

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    Lady Gouldian Finch Poster 70x100cm  Lady Gouldian Finch SuppliesProduct Info-Gouldian Poster Gouldian Poster
    In Support of our friends at Gouldianfinch.gr we will be supporting United States sales of the NEW Gouldian Mutations Poster. Over 100 recorded and displayed mutations . A must for all those Gouldian Finch Lovers / Breeders out there.