ESB-3- Medication of Coccidia - Bird Medicine Antibiotic

Generic ESB3 antibiotic powder for the treatment of coccidia in pet birds

Not intended to be used on birds/animals to be eaten.

For Veterinary Use Only - Keep out of Reach of Children

Efficacious for refractory coccidiosis; may have some affect on systemic stages of atoxoplasma and Mycoplasma.

Dosage according to packaging:

  • 1 tsp per gallon of drinking water for 5 consecutive days, coccidiosis.
  • 1 tsp per gallon of drinking water for 14 consecutive days, Paratyphoid/samonella

    Change water Daily

    Store in a cool place.

    Packaging: 100 g Powder

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    ESB-3 medication for cage birdsProduct Info ESB-3
    An Antibiotic and antiparasitic for cagebirds. Makes about 20 gallons of medicated solution.