Endocox 2.5% - Generic Baycox

Endocox 2.5% - Generic Baycox - Bird Medicine for Coccidia

Generic Baycox for Pet Birds

Not intended to be used on birds/animals to be eaten.

For Veterinary Use Only - Keep out of Reach of Children

Efficacious for refractory coccidiosis; may have some affect on systemic stages of atoxoplasma, but not very effective on atoxoplasma when given in drinking water. Has been found to be somewhat helpful with cryptosporidium too.

Dosage according to packaging:

1 tsp per gallon of drinking water for 3 consecutive days. Repeat after 6 days if necessary. Change water Daily

Store in a cool place.

Packaging: 100 g Powder

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Endocox - Generic Baycox for cage birdsProduct Info Endocox 2.5% - Generic Baycox
An antiparasitic for cagebirds. Drug of choice for Coccidia and Cryptosporidium protozoa. Makes about 20 gallons of medicated solution.
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