Baycox 5%

Baycox 5% - Bird Medicine - Coccidia

Baycox the best coccidia treatment

Not intended to be used on birds/animals to be eaten.

For Veterinary Use Only - Keep out of Reach of Children

Efficacious for refractory coccidiosis; may have some affect on systemic stages of atoxoplasma, but not very effective on atoxoplasma when given in drinking water. Has been found to be somewhat helpful with cryptosporidium too.


6 ml per gallon of drinking water for 2 days, may be repeated in 7 days, for bad cases, repeat 4 weeks in a row

I recommend Exotic Animal Formulary by James W. Carpenter for dosing instructions on various exotics.

Store in a cool place.
Keep the container tightly closed.

Packaging: 250 ml Bottle - packaged by Bayer or 50ml packaged here

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Baycox for cage birdsProduct Info Baycox 5%
An antiparasitic for cagebirds. Drug of choice for Coccidia and Cryptosporidium protozoa. 1.5 ml/liter - 2 day treatment. We have made up some 50ml bottle packaged here. Gonna try again:) .