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Aviclens Water Treatment to keep pet birds water clean longer!

Great for skin infections, try on your birds bald spots!

Ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate


  • Aviclens keeps drinking water clear by preventing build-up of green slime on water containers.
  • Also stops fermentation in soaked seed.
  • Aviclens is safe to use in drinking water of all pets, every day!

    Aviclens, when used regularly, greatly reduces the time required to scrub water dishes. Aviclens should also be used when soaking or sprouting seed. Soaking seed greatly increases the bacterial, yeast and fungal content of the seed, this is potentially harmful. Bacterial diseases such as E.coli are commonly transferred by soaked/sprouted seeds.

    Aviclens prevents the multiplication of bacteria and yeast in the water supply. Clean safe water is critical to the long term health of the bird. By reducing the water borne organisms that attack the immune system, Aviclens takes up the fight against the "Grunge Syndrome". Improving the water quality of animals is a well recognised method of improving production (eggs or young) and reducing the death rate.

    Dose: .5 ml of Aviclens per Litre of drinking water, 1 drop per 100 ml or 10 drops per quart for US. Use as animal's normal drinking water or as a seed soaking solution.

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    Vetafarms Aviclens water cleanserProduct Info Aviclens
    Water Cleanser, keeps water crystal clear and germ free! Safe to use with all pets drinking water everyday! 2.0 ml per gallon of water. See Saniclens by Bird Care Company for same ingredients, but much less expensive:) But for those who prefer...