Finch Nest Box

Abba Plastic Finch Nest box, 3.5
Plastic Finch Nest box

Golden brown 3.5" h x 5" w x 4" d". Washable and reusable.

Hooks formed on the front and back for hanging inside or outside of the cage. Removable front perch and lid.

Vented bottom for increased air circulation

Lightweight and easy to disinfect.

Great for society, zebra and similar sized finches

Not recommended for gouldians but may work in a pinch:)


Plastic Finch Nest Small.Product Info-Plastic Finch Nestbox Finch Nest Box
Plastic Finch Nest - Plastic Finch nest box vented bottom with flip top - Hooks inside or outside of cage - 3.5" h x 5" w x 4" d - Gold color.