12x9 Cages

12x9 Cages includes swing, perch & feed cups

Technical Details:

  • 12"x9"
  • 1 Plastic Perch included
  • 2 Plastic feeding cups
  • Pull out Tray with grill
  • Metal Wire
  • Plastic Base
  • Wire Handle on Top
  • Available in red, white and yellow, colors apply to roof and bases.
  • All white wired cage
  • Great temporary cage, travel cage or hospital cage:)

    Please understand this is not big enough to keep a bird in for an extended period of time. It is a great inexpensive cage for temporary issues though!

    1 Cage for $14.98

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    12x9 Bird CageProduct Info 12x9 Cages
    Great little temporary cage - Comes with a plastic perch, 2 seed cups, 12"x9" all white wired cage with a plastic pull out tray for easy cleaning. All styles available in red, yellow or white! Type in your preferred color in the notes field:)
    Please do not keep birds in these cages long term, not enough room for finches to fly around.